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AudNat - Code-Auditor

The application of company programming standards is of fundamental importance in the development and maintenance of large software systems. Many instructions which, when not used correctly, can be potential sources of problems, can be filtered before implementation.

Several coding standards are proposed by the tool and if necessary it is possible to customise the tool or add new rules to it so as to follow your company standards.

Generally, we consider three categories of program anomalies:

  • incorrect use of Natural statements
  • programming standards exceptions
  • candidates for performance problems

The complete list of anomalies detected in AudNat:

  • Multiple statements on the same line
  • Statement number reference
  • Unused internal subroutines
  • Unused variables
  • Nonstandard variables names
  • Short DECIDE
  • NONE clause missing
  • Deep nesting in control structures
  • Complex logical expression
  • FETCH from subprogram or exter. subroutine
  • Non structural ESCAPE
  • Using internal subroutine name
  • Calling external subr. using internal name

The program EMN21900 contains 1 Complex logical expression.
The logical condition is listed in given example

Our products help to make your software more ecological identifying objects that are not effectively used. Especially, in old software systems that contain large number of not active objects (20-40%), this can lead to great confusion.

Many object types can be controlled for their effective usage - program, subprogram, data area, map, external and internal subroutine, file, variables, database field.

Not active objects can be automatically removed from the application.

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