InfoTech-Cs Software Tools
About RestNat

InfoTech-Cs's tools facilitate comprehension with following functionalities:

  • Give graphical picture of your system design and program architecture.
  • Capture the fundamental components (user interface, process logic, ...) of your system and their relationship required for the rapid understanding of the main business functions of even large systems.
  • Navigate between application module and the synchronisation with the program's listing - helps to understand the main system functions and condition on which control flows from one module to another.
  • Help your managers to predict the amount of maintenance work, which depends especially on logical complexity (characteristic which definitely affects the frequency and volume of maintenance) of the program.
  • Graphically show parts of the program that are structurally similar and could lead, if too complex, to the necessity of software restructuring.
  • Identify objects that are never executed and can be dropped from the system.
  • Aid reuse of software by identifying similar modules.

InfoTech-Cs's set of tools follows two basic considerations: The visualisation requires PC graphics The synchronised representation of several system abstractions (flow graph, program listing) helps to understand easily even complex relationships.

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