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Documentation - System
The Documentation-System feature displays a comprehensive overview of the analysed system.

The analysed system structure is shown in a form of tree graph.

The example below illustrates a situation where a System is divided from functional point of view in

  • Subsystems
    • Areas
      • Functions
        • Applications.

These levels can be easily examined using a standard tree expand/collapse controls.

Example shown below:
  • System SSI-svill contains:
    • Subsystem MUSICA
      • Area Ripartizione
        • Function Trasmissioni
          • The Trasmissioni function is supported
            by the DEMRIPTP Application

As you progress deeper through the tree, you can display the individual Modules, which support the Applications.

The example below shows that the bussines function Trasmissioni is supported by modules Root: MURPQM00 in DEMRIPTP (Natural Library).

The right part of the above picture contains a Call Graph.

The Call Graph allows you to easily check the call relations between modules.

When you place the mouse cursor over a selected module (MURPQM01) in the Call Graph, a brief description of the module (RICHIESTA MODALITA D'ACCESSO A GESTIONE) is shown.

The Map presented in the module as well as the Source code can be displayed after selecting the module.

Note that the description of the module (RICHIESTA MODALITA D'ACCESSO A GESTIONE) is extracted from the header of the module.

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