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Main benefits in using RestWeb:

RestWeb for Natural (Adabas), JCL, Java applications:

RestWeb is running in IT sites having legacy applications developed in Natural (Adabas), Cobol, Jcl, being enforced by the integrated source code analyzer.
The lowest IT Service Management processes (Application Management, Release Management) are directly related to the source code for those applications.
The ability to trace the relations between the Request For Change and the consequential changes of the source code gives the answer to the common question why, what, who implemented the changes. The modifications to the applications are documented, it is possible to verify that the deterioration of the modules (software quality ) are under control.
The latest RestWeb function permits to extract and process the business rules from Natural source code and to examine the impact of the source code changes on the business.

RestWeb - Technical specification:

RestWeb 9.1 - Incident Management included in beta version

RestWeb addresses the activities during the Change Management process, the purpose is that the activities are carried out in an effective and efficient manner.

The Change Management process starts with the central gathering of the Request for Change (RFC being raised), it proceeds by Accepting and Routing RFC, Planning the Implementation (defining the priority) and finally Release Management.

RestWeb focuses on the flexible solution, that allows to define the different sets of processes (steps in maintenance life cycle) to be carried out during RFC development.

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